An Ode to the Year That Nearly Was…

December 30, 2018

Known as many other names, but most commonly known as 2018.

It was the year of so many successes, many a windfall and many an epic fail.

We saw the Floss takeover young children all over the world.  We saw the Thai boys’ soccer team be rescued by gallant strangers, we also here in Australia had the pleasure (AGAIN) of receiving a new Prime Minister not voted for by the democratic public just so we can look like a global joke. The lack of integrity of our politicians running free just as the prices of our energy bills. However, how many of us still forgot to turn off our hair straighteners…

In business we saw Adelaide have its FIRST suburban Boxing Day sales, of course it was a smash hit to the economy, welcome to retail in the 21st century RAD-elaide!! We saw heads roll over the egos of the government and the way that the ‘independent’ broadcaster was portraying their activities and let us not forget this year’s BIGGEST controversy. The Bunnings led suggestion of where our onions should go on our Bunnings snag and bread. Ohhhh the uproar!!!!

Bunnings, snags, sausage sizzle, retail, Australian
Sausage Sizzle and Onion Fiasco of 2018


Australia also saw a rise in new business, up 3.1% compared to last year (2017) along with another decline in the rate of business exits (source: ABS). Great news for our economy especially if all those business owners can keep it together.

In my business, the business of growing loyalty and executing that unique customer experience it is finishing the year on a high. Meraki Business Solutions welcomed its 3rd year in business, its ongoing organic growth on social media in all platforms as well as stepping outside the comfort zone and commencing work on facilitating online training and creating some dare, I say (yes, I’m bias) shit hot master course content.

I have had the privilege to work with new brands who not only have I had the pleasure of teaching them a few new things, but I have also been lucky enough to take away a few of my own little gold nuggets. As a business, we tried a few things that didn’t work, we trusted a few people who we learned need not be trusted but all in all 2018 has certainly proven to be the year of giving things a crack. Can’t get much more Aussie than that really, can you?

So, to this year that nearly was (over, that is), I, Aileen Day. Owner and Chief Loyalty Creator here at Meraki Business Solutions, along with my wonderful team of experts who come a running whenever I need their help. I want to say a gracious and gratitude filled, thank you. We tried. Some we conquered, some we shall try again differently as it is only a failure if you give up (you can quote me on that 😉).


An open note for 2019.

I expect nothing easy to come from you. We are ready for the challenges, we are ready for the success and you best bet your bottom dollar that we are ready to help more businesses create loyal customers, deliver experiences that are genuine and meaningful as well as many more business solutions without the BS.


Much love,



Owner and Chief Loyalty Creator at Meraki Business Solutions