Aileen’s Book Club. A Review of ‘The Answer’, Written By Allan and Barbara Pease.

February 18, 2020

Well, well, well. Check me out. Two book reviews in the matter of weeks. It’s like I don’t even recognise myself these days…


So, where do I start? Well let’s start with some transparency. I began reading this book in 2018. I finished it just over a week ago. If you’d read my previous book review on Jen Sincero’s ‘ You Are a Badass At Making Money’, you would have noted I shared the fact that reading a book takes me at a minimum, 1 – 2 years, easy. And that’s if I really like them. I have consistently got a pile of partially read books cluttering my bedside table and recently, I vowed to get my shit together and COMMIT to reading them, in full and in a timely manner (reminds me of DIFOT – those in logistics will get me). So, I did just that. Starting with ‘The Answer’. A book that my Mother bought for me at a work event she attended to which Allan Pease, a well-known Australian Author, Personality and Social Commentator amongst so many other skills and talents was a guest speaker that day. Now my ‘thang’ for Allan and his wife, Barbara goes back nearly decades when my now ex-husband was provided a book to read called ‘Body Language’. Now I don’t remember exactly why he was told to read it but despite him being an AVID lover of books and reading, this one just didn’t ring his bell. It sat collecting dust for a period on his bedside table and eventually I declared “For fu^ck sake, give it to me, I’ll read it and tell you what it’s about”. Now partially because this was pre-Facebook and I couldn’t yet lay there scrolling but mostly because it was a bright coloured and not overly thick and cumbersome looking book. Not that I suck at reading, I’m bloody brilliant at it but I just didn’t till recently have the same mojo about reading as he did. Anyway, I digress (no great shock, look who’s writing this). So, I read ‘Body Language’. It was dead set fascinating and from there I became a solid fan of Mr and Mrs Pease.

So, my Mother buys me this book, ‘The Answer’. I see it and like ‘Body Language’, its bright yellow (this must be a thing, Jen’s was bright green, maybe there’s a science to this that I should investigate further), it’s not overly cumbersome (the writing font is large-ish and easy to read/ follow along) and it’s from one of my favourite authors, oh and did I mention he signed it? No? Well, he did.

I can hear you saying, “Okay Aileen, get to the point”. Okay…. Fine. Well, the point is this. The book primarily discusses and explains the science behind what we know these days as ‘mindset’. What it is, how it works and the most important part, whyyy it works. Allan and Barbara have written ‘The Answer’ with multitudes of testimonials and living examples of how this ‘mindset’ helps us to create the answers we need for the questions and challenges we all face in our life. Now, I don’t really want to give it all away but in my days, I have read a shit tonne on mindset yet NOT ONE of those articles, publishing’s, videos or lessons has taught me about the SCIENCE of mindset and most astonishingly when you learn what it is that drives our conscious and unconscious minds to deliver outcomes, you’d never look at mindset the same way again!! Not even joking! I’ll give you a personal example. At my recent Mastermind event in Sydney with Kerwin Rae and the K2 Elite, they were holding a recognition ceremony on the second morning. With each recognition, Kerwin made a point to make a personal anecdote about each person, their lives, their skills, their achievements. Each one was different. One of the people he called to the stage was named Simon. Kerwin discussed Simon and his achievement and something in that struck a chord with me. I made a note in my phone to track this person down over the course of the next few days whilst under the same roof. Now, stay with me. That evening, there was a Gala Ball. Now long story short, I got to that Ball and my name was not on the list (just call me Cinderella). None the less, despite the confusion, I was allocated a seat and provided a handwritten table placard. As I sit down, I go to introduce myself to the other guests on the table. I start to my right, I work myself around, anti-clockwise. I get to the last person, the person sitting next to my left. I introduce myself, “Hi, I’m Aileen”. He replies, “Hi, I’m Simon”. Time to insert the WTF meme! I do a double take. I say you’re who. He says it again, “I’m Simon, are you new?” Well yes Simon, I am new, and I am currently blown the fu*ck away right now! I explain to him that I had written down his name from this morning to ‘track’ him down. I feel like he might think I’m full of shit, so I even show him my digitally dated and time clocked note showing exactly this.


Now you might be sitting there going well surely that’s not that difficult, you’re under the same roof. Yes, but… this roof is the Sydney Casino in a room with over 400 people, with 396 of them I didn’t know. Now when you read ‘The Answer’ it is hard to believe that that anyone could ever be sceptical about this key piece of science that MUST  be behind getting me NEXT to the exact same person I wanted to meet and the forces behind that just to consider those again for a moment:

  1. I was not on the Gala Ball list
  2. The seat I was allocated was a last-minute shuffle
  3. There were 400 attendees in the room
  4. My seat was right next to his
  5. Apart from seeing him on stage for about 20 seconds, I had no idea of who he was to know who to actually look for

Now, to the untrained eye, we might call this “coincidence”. However, one thing I have learned and have consistently been shown to be true, coincidence is bullshit. We manifest our own reality whether we do it knowingly or unknowingly. The great thing about ‘The Answer’ is that it also supports you in learning the scientific techniques of mindset and manifestation with some EASY to follow activities and in lamen terms so you don’t have to give up trying to decipher it, the code is already cracked and served up on a platter for you. So if you like easy to digest, simple to understand yet poignantly written books by world renowned authors who put a fresh lens over the things we thought we knew but turns out we didn’t, then I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of ‘The Answer’, written by Allan and Barbara Pease.


Much love,

Aileen xo




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