A Response To ‘Prepare for The Ultimate Gaslighting’

April 30, 2020

  Recently, an article was written called ‘Prepare for The Ultimate Gaslighting’. Written by Julio Vincent Gambuto, he got me thinking and let us be honest, if you have read it, he got you thinking too.   It is likely a safe bet that many of us as adults have had the displeasure of experiencing […]

It’s Complicated

May 27, 2019

It’s certainly been a hectic month and I hoped to do this sooner, but I wanted to publicly discuss and thank some people for a recent experience I was privileged to have had.   On Thursday 16th May 2019, I took part in the MCM’s Sleep At The ‘G organised by the Melbourne City Mission […]

An Ode to the Year That Nearly Was…

December 30, 2018

Known as many other names, but most commonly known as 2018. It was the year of so many successes, many a windfall and many an epic fail. We saw the Floss takeover young children all over the world.  We saw the Thai boys’ soccer team be rescued by gallant strangers, we also here in Australia […]

A Leadership Model in 2018. The Nutri-Grain and the Mirror.

August 10, 2018

At an age where self-regulation, emotional intelligence and sensory consciousness are no longer just buzz words but absolute necessities in business and it’s evident that they are still some of the hardest attributes to teach. Years ago at a very expensive and reputable leadership forum my group was asked to discuss specific leadership behaviours and […]

I Once Did a Job No One Else Would Do

October 26, 2016

Every once in a while you get tasked to do a job no one else would dare bother doing themselves. This time, it was my turn… I was a young, up and coming leader in a multinational business who became more famously known as the only Manager that could ever positively influence a group of […]